Carp fishing in France

Many beginner or experienced fishermen are giving up predator fishing or trout fishing to focus on carp fishing in France, whether in lakes or rivers in our territory. Carp is simply the biggest bait fish in France, with specimens that can reach more than 40 kg. For many years, carp fishing in France has become for some a real addiction that requires preparation and specific fishing equipment.

Surely even more than for other fishing techniques, carp fishing obeys a set of unique rules and it is difficult to understand when you want to discover this technique, especially for questions budget.

Before starting on this fishing or if you are on holidays in France, it is better to get closer first to a fishing guide in carp fishing in France that will make you discover this fish, its habits, manners and will reveal all the fishing techniques for who knows, hope to be able to proudly pose with one of these much sought-after record fish.

Beginner or enthusiast carp angler, find here our selection of fishing guides who made carp fishing in France their specialty. Priming, mounts, baits, night fishing strategies, prowling or camping, carp fishing is a complete technique that will leave you all but indifferent.


Our selection of fishing guides for carp fishing in France

carp fishing in france in tarn
Carp fishing in France in Picardy
Carp fishing in France in Lot-et-Garonne
Carp fishing in France in Carpodrome
Carp fishing in France in Haute-Garonne

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