Fishing in Spain

With 8,000 kilometers of coastline, thousands of streams and a wide variety of climates, fishing is Spain has become a famous destination for anglers looking for record pike, zander, black-bass, catfish or carp. Several destinations are very famous if you want to spend exceptional days of fishing in Spain, such as Extremadura and its record populations of pike, zander and black-bass. As well, from Orellana, the ultimate pike lake to Cijara for the big-black bass and of course Mequinenza on the Ebro Delta, the Mecca for predator fishing in Europe, everything can be possible during your fishing trips in Spain.
Also, the Spanish Pyrenees have countless valleys suitable for trout fishing and fly fishing. From Aragon to Catalonia, you will be able to fish exceptional brown trouts, whatever the seasons and weather conditions are. Whatever the fish, fishing in Spain is just the top 1 destination in Europe !
Thanks to Rodmaps, we offer the possibility to find and book easily fishing guides in Spain that will guide you regarding your expectations and the species you are looking for, while enjoying the fishing and cultural heritage of spanish regions.
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Our selection of fishing guides for fishing in Spain

Pike and black-bass fly fishing in Extremadura
Tuna fishing in Spain
Black-bass fishing in Mequinenza
Giant pike fishing in Extremadura
Leer fishing and bluefish fishing in Spain
Giant black-bass in Extremadura
Catfish fishing in Mequinenza
Sea bass fishing in Spain
Lure fishing in Extremadura
Catfish fishing in Spain
Lure fishing in Mequinenza
Lure fishing in Riba Rioja
Lure fishing in Caspe
Lure fishing in Cijara

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