Lure fishing in France

Lure fishing is certainly the fishing technique that unleashes the most passion, whether in France or abroad. It must be said that from pike, king of fresh water, zander with whimsical behavior, combativeness and aggressiveness of the perch, the power of the catfish and the sportiness of black-bass, there is really for all tastes for those who want to try lure fishing in France. And here, we are only talking about fresh water fish. Lure fishing in France is also very famous for sea bass, pollack, meager, bonito or even tuna fishing !
With casting or spinning rods, with a hard or soft lure, a surface lure or spinnerbait, in street-fishing, fishing boat, kayak or float-tube, in lakes, rivers, Atlantic or Mediterranean sea, the possibilities of lure fishing in France are almost endless. It can therefore sometimes be difficult to navigate the profusion of fishing techniques, equipment and environments, especially since fish are not so easy to catch. The help of a french lure fishing guide could be a good solution so you do not waste time learning how to fish predators or when you want to fish in places you do not know.

For those who dream of adrenaline, fight and nature, amateur or experienced fishermen, our lure fishing guides in France will share their secrets and lure fishing techniques to catch these predatory fish that live our French waters.

Our selection of fishing guides for lure fishing in France

Lure fishing in Lot
Pike fishing in Aube
Lure fishing in Haute-Vienne
Tuna fishing in Arcachon
Trout fishing initiation in Haute-Marne
Catfish fishing in Toulouse
Trout fishing with lures in Allier
sea bass fishing in Arcachon
Pike fishing in Lorraine
Tuna fishing in Perpignan
Lure fishing in Cantal
Lure fishing in Loire
Lure fishing in Ain
Lure fishing in Var
Lure fishing in Arcachon
Sea bass fishing in Finistere
Lure fishing in Corrèze
Lure fishing in Normandy
Lure fishing by boat in Cantal
Catfish fishing in Lot
Lure fishing in Aveyron
Pike fishing in Var
Lure fishing in Lozere
Lure fishing in Auvergne
Tuna fishing in Languedoc
Catfish fishing in Tarn
Lure fishing by float-tube in Dordogne
Lure fishing in Herault
Lure fishing Tuna fishing in Biarritz
Lure fishing Pike fishing in Lozere
Lure fishing Catfish fishing in Ain
Lure fishing Catfish fishing in Saône
Lure fishing Catfish fishing in Dordogne
Lure fishing Pike fishing in Puy de Dome
Pike fishing in Marne
Catfish fishing in Aveyron
Pike fishing in Haute-Vienne
Pike fishing in Alsace

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