Tenkara fishing in France

With tenkara fishing, experience new sensations at the edge of the water. Ancestral technique straight from Japan, tenkara fishing is now a very popular fishing technique on our French rivers for trout fishing. Without silk or reel to manage, a slow and discreet approach, closer to the fish, its learning is fast and accessible to all. Tenkara fishing is a perfect alternative to traditional fly fishing techniques .

To discover this fishing technique in the best conditions, it is better to get closer to a tenkara fishing guide. They will provide you quality fishing equipments and appropriate advices to help you better understand this new approach to trout fishing. In the company of a tenkara fishing guide in France, you will discover rivers as beautiful as they are capricious, sheltering brown trout and rainbow trout, in natural spaces still preserved by the hand of man.

Tenkara fishing in France opens up new perspectives and proposes new challenges, an intuitive and fun discipline with a bright future. Whether in initiation or improvement, discover with a fishing guide tenkara fishing in France. This technique will surely give you unique sensations that you will appreciate.

Our selection of tenkara fishing guides in France

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