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Fishing voucher

You want to offer an unforgettable fishing day but you are not sure of the ideal gift?
You want to offer a fishing guift without making a mistake?

Whether for Christmas, a birthday, Father's Day or Mother's Day, a retirement or just to please, Rodmaps offers more than 400 fishing courses in the most beautiful sites in France. The hardest thing will be to choose !

Receive the fishing voucher directly in your mailbox or send it to the person to whom you wish to offer it.

The fishing voucher is available on all Rodmaps.com activities on the date of your choice, depending on the availability of your fishing guide.

Thanks to this fishing gift, you leave the choice to your loved one to choose what he/she likes. This is the perfect gift for an angler and if you are not sure of your loved one's desires.

Total 50 €


Need a gift idea for a fisherman? You want to please for sure? Give a fishing voucher as a gift!
It is the perfect gift to offer a fishing day without being mistaken about the species, the fishing technique or the destination.
To be sure to offer the perfect gift, choose a Rodmaps fishing voucher!

Choose the amount of the voucher you want to offer. The minimum amount is 50 euros. You will have the opportunity either to send you your voucher to offer or to send it directly to your recipient.
The beneficiary can choose himself among all the activities offered by Rodmaps, depending on availability, desired fishing techniques or the desired fish.
Some activities are seasonal, so the reservation is subject to weather conditions and the opening and closing dates of fishing.

Your fishing gift voucher is available for all activities offered on www.rodmaps.com for a period of 1 year.
You have 12 months from the date of purchase to book a fishing course.

- If the price is higher than the fishing voucher, the beneficiary can pay the difference by credit card when paying online.
- If the amount of the gift voucher is higher than the value of the activity, the beneficiary will receive within 48 hours a credit of the difference, available for the next request.
The amount of the fishing voucher is not lost, and it may even benefit the recipient for other fishing experiences.

Need help ? - Contact us: hello@rodmaps.com

1- The owner of the fishing voucher can choose any fishing experience offered on Rodmaps.

2- Once the fishing voucher owner has contacted the fishing guide and who has communicated to him the total amount of the benefit, the cardholder can communicate the code on the gift voucher when proceeding payment.

3- The promo code will apply automatically and the owner of the fishing voucher will be able to validate the booking definitively by proceeding the payment online.