Black bass fishing

Native from North America, black bass is the first predatory fish to have been introduced in Europe at the end of the 19th century. Since then, black bass has perfectly adapted its behavior to our waters and is now one of the most famous fish for lure anglers. Black-bass fishing attracts many sport fishermen thanks to his mistrust, his power, his fighting spirit and incredible jumps that have nothing to envy to pike fishing. Several techniques exist for black bass fishing: surface lure fishing, waki, spinnerbait, jerkbait, texan, jig, ... It's up to you to choose those that correspond to the habits or aggressiveness of black bass following the conditions. It is true that black-bass is not always easy to catch. To better understand black bass fishing, its habitat, habits and behavior, it is better to approach a black bass fishing guide. In the company of black-bass fishing guides, you will use many fishing techniques to hope to catch this fabulous fish. Always looking for a black bass record and adrenaline, while remaining of course, respectful of their opponent, you can learn how to fish black bass with professionals for whom this fish has almost no secrets. Whether it is surface lure, jig or fly fishing, lakes or rivers, in France or Spain, with Rodmaps you can find the black bass fishing guide that will meet your expectations.

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black bass fishing in France
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