Catfish fishing in France

Catfish is simply the largest  fish in French waters. Since the 1970s, catfish fishing in France has become more and more popular, as it can be fished now in almost all our rivers and lakes.
Fishing for catfish in France has become a famous fishing technique for fishermen looking for powerful fights as catfish now represents the opportunity to catch a big fish close to home. The adrenaline that can provide the take, the fight and the capture of this fish of up to more than 2m70 per 100kg are simply unbelievable, to the point that many fishing guides in France have decided to make catfish fishing their specialty.
From the Rhone to the Loire via the Seine, the Tarn, the Dordogne and the Garonne, plan your catfishing holiday in France with a catfish fishing guide that will make you discover the different fishing techniques to catch this trophy fish. Live fishing drifting, with lures, clonck, worms, fireball, buoy, there are so many fishing techniques that allow you to take a picture with a big catfish in France. 

You don't know where to fish catfish in France ? Discover our selection of the best catfish fishing guides in France. With them, you will discover all the tips to understand catfish's habits and know how to catch it, whether on river, river or lake.

Our selection of fishing guides for catfish fishing in France 

Catfish fishing in Tarn
Catfish fishing in Toulouse
Catfish fishing in Ain
Catfish fishing in Lot
Catfish fishing in Saône
Catfish fishing in Dordogne
Catfish fishing in Aveyron


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