Pike fishing in france

Pike is for many anglers the king and the most emblematic fish in French waters.
As an exceptional fighter, capable of incredible rushes, spectacular jumps and reaching record heights and weights, pike fishing in France can be very addictive for sport fishing enthusiasts. But fishing for pike can turn out to be very complicated when he decides to close its mouth, especially with large specimens. The chances for a fisherman to find a big pike of one meter up are very small if you do not target it specifically.
A better understanding of the best pike fishing spots, its habits and its behavior in order to catch it is the mission of many fishing guides in France who dedicate many of their days to pike fishing. In the company of fishing guides for pike fishing, you will use a lot of fishing techniques to hope to bring this fabulous predator in your nets. Always looking for a record pike and adrenaline, come and learn how to fish for pike in France with professionals for whom this fish has almost no secrets. Whether with surface lures, spinnerbaits, jerkbaits, bigbaits or fly fishing, in rivers or lakes, discover our selection and find the pike fishing guide that will meet your expectations for pike fishing holidays in France.

Our selection of fishing guides for pike fishing in France 

Pike fishing in Var
Pike fishing in Aube
Pike fishing in Lozere
Pike fishing in Puy de Dome
Pike fishing in Marne
Pike fishing in Haute-Vienne
Pike fishing in Lorraine
Pike fishing in Alsace
Pike fishing in Extremadura


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