Fly fishing in France

Fly fishing is certainly one of the finest and beautiful fishing techniques. More than just a technique, fly fishing in France and abroad is a way of life shared by all fishermen. Between observation of nature to be able to create perfect imitations of flies, approaches, reading of the stream and the natural environment to be able to catch trout, grayling, salmon and other species of fish, fly fishing  is a technique where we fully rely on nature.

First dedicated to salmonid fishing, fly fishing has now become opened to all freshwater (pike, black bass, chub) and salt water (seabass, tuna, bonefish) species. 

Our fishing guides are here to teach you the basics to be able to practice fly fishing in France in the best confitions and in the best fly fishing spots of our country. You will learn or improve your fly fishing technique thanks to specific instructional methods that a fly fishing guide uses and teaches on a daily basis. Observation, self-control and patience will be required during your fly fishing holidays in France.
Whether you are a beginner or a confirmed fisherman, looking for trout with a nymph or pike with a streamer, tuna or bonefish on the flats of Guadeloupe, we have selected for you the best fly fishing guides in France.

Our selection of fishing guides for fly fishing in France

Fly fishing in Jura
Fly fishing in Hautes-Alpes
Fly fishing in Brittany
Fly fishing in the mediterranean
Fly fishing initiation in the Pyrennes
Tenkara fly fishing in Lozere
Fly fishing in Cevennes
Fly fishing in Sioule
Fly fishing in Pays-Basque
Fly fishing in Limousin
Fly fishing in Guadeloupe
Fly fishing in Haute-Savoie
Tuna fly fishing in Pays-Basque
Fly fishing in Allier
Fly fishing in Cantal
Fly fishing in Spain
Fly fishing initiation in Var
Barbel fly fishing in Auvergne
Fly fishing in hautes-pyrénées
Fly fishing in Dordogne
Fly fishing in Ardèche
fly fishing in Auvergne
Fly fishing in Ariège
Tenkara fishing in Aveyron
Fly fishing in Indre
Fly fishing in Pyrenees Lakes
Fly fishing in Corrèze
Fly fishing in Doubs
Fly fishing in Savoie
Fly fishing in Alsace
Fly fishing in Cantal lakes
Fly fishing in Var
Fly fishing initiation in Jura
Fly fishing in Champagne
Fly fishing initiation in Guadeloupe


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